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A new adventure in France

In recent years we have regularly talked about something that we wanted for a long time: on an adventure with our family!

We were looking for a combination where we could create things and share our passion for delicious food and good wines with other people. We love to pamper people.

After a long search for a suitable location, we ended up in beautiful France via Italy and Spain. The estate so overwhelmed us with its beauty that we immediately fell in love. We were looking for a small outdoor resort in a beautiful area and La Douce France was exactly what we were looking for.

Before we decided to go to France, we both had a good and fun job with fine companies. We had the feeling that if we want to go on an adventure, we should do it NOW and not when the kids are older. So I sold my house, quit my job and took the plunge! It is very exciting and feels great at the same time!

The children, Floor and Fedde, were 7 and 5 (2017) when we went and the first close friendships are already starting to develop. Despite that, they were just as excited about it as we are and it feels like one big children's paradise here for them!

This is the place where we want to be to share with you and create memories. We warmly welcome you to experience the La Douce France feeling.
Chrissy, Ruben, Floor and Fedde

Chrissy, Ruben, Floor en Fedde
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